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Trouble always came for “Champagne” Sánchez…this time, the law was on trouble’s side. Whether it is his attempts to make a living selling fireworks, vacuum cleaners or burritos, things can, and do, go terribly wrong. “The Fall and Rise of ‘Champagne’ Sánchez,” is a fast-paced modern narrative, set in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is a “rags to riches to rejection to redemption” story. The witness to Champagne’s Fall is his cousin, the street-smart newspaper reporter, Adelita Chávez. The chronicler not only of the struggles of her cousin, but the scribe of her own observations of life around her (in the form of ‘Journal Entries’); she writes of the pain of watching her mother deal with breast cancer and describes characters in the barrio from Doña Mariluz to Magdalena Moya. 

The Fall and Rise of Champagne Sánchez. By Rudy J. Miera. ISBN: 978-1539869160 336 pages. Published by Floricanto Press.


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Rudy J. Miera, left, signs copies of “The Fall and Rise of ‘Champagne’ Sanchez” at the Collected Works bookstore in Santa Fe.









Rudy joined authors Carmen Baca and Marie Romero Cash for a book reading/signing event at the Collected Works bookstore on July 24th with a ‘standing-room-only’ crowd in attendance!



Many family members, friends and ‘new friends’ attended the Reading of selections from “The Fall and Rise of Champagne Sanchez at Bookworks. The Novel is kept in stock in the ‘Staff Favorites’ section and is sold at a 25% discount at the store.




MariAnne accompanied Rudy for the “Roots and Wing” Literacy Benefit gathering at the Marriot Hotel on Saturday, April 29th. 25% of the sales of books were donated to the Rio Rancho Rotary club that sponsors the popular and sucessful after-school Tutoring program.