Lyrics and Poems

“Luz de Presente” was written for the production of  “Bless Me, Última,” at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. The song was used for the opening of the play.

                                                        “Luz de Presente, Luz de Ayer”

                                           ( “Light of the Moment, Light from the Past” )


Una noche, entre un sueño

volando como un tecolote

curandera,   protectora,

bendíceme, oh Última

bendíceme, oh Última….


Luz de presente, Luz de ayer

traínos la fuerza que puedas traer

danos el bueno de tu corazón

tu eres la fuente de la inspiración….


Un día, allá en el campo,

en la pizca de hierbas y flores,

medezinas y remedies,

con la bendición de Última

la bendición de Última….


palabras de potencia, danos tus consejos,

estás con nosotros, aquí y muy lejos,

canta canciones de tu corazón

ayúdanos en nuestro destinación….


English Translation :


One night, in the middle of a dream, flying like a mysterious owl

Oh healer, oh protector, bless me, oh Última, bless me, oh Última….


Light of the moment, light from the past,

bring us the strength only you can bring,

give us the goodness of your heart,

you are the fountain of our inspiration….


One day, over there in the fields,

picking the flowers and herbs,

medicines and remedies,

with the blessing of Última, with Última’s blessing….


powerful words , please give us your advice,

you are with us when you are here, and when you are far

sing us the songs that come from your heart,

help us along on the road of our destiny….


© 2015 by Rudy J. Miera


                                 “Love Can’t be Undone”

                                         © 2013 by Rudy J. Miera

                     (excerpt from song lyrics)


Being undone can’t happen to Love

it’s the greatest power under the sun

look around and see it for yourself

Love just can’t be undone



Love can’t be undone, not there or here

Love will go on and on, it’s stronger than fear…..


When there are times that we can’t be here together,

Time takes away the brightness of the sun,

when we re-unite to try to make things better

we find out that Love can’t be undone…


Turning poison into medicine

now when the darkness is thick and all around

turn an enemy into a friend

turn the silence into a golden sound……



being undone can’t happen to Love….

being undone can’t happen to Love…

being undone can’t happen to Love…….